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Custom Deck Building
Building an outdoor deck is one of the simplest ways for homeowners to expand their living space and add visual appeal to their landscape. Outdoor decks do not require electrical or plumbing installations and you are spared the hassle of working with lighting, windows and other components that a full addition would require.

It is true that constructing an outdoor deck can be simple; however, it still requires you to put careful planning into it. As with any home improvement project, the more you put into the planning and preparation, the more you will get out of it. Keep in mind that Rocky Mountain Exteriors can help make sure that you are considering every step of the deck planning process.
Think carefully about what material to build you deck out of. You can spend less money on materials such as Fir and Pine, but expect to need a replacement within 10 years. High end materials, such as Cedar and Redwood, may cost more, but they will offer you more durability and a longer lifespan. You can also choose between aluminum decks, concrete decks, and composite decks.

The design of your deck incorporates several elements. You need to consider privacy, landscape, and architectural appeal. Choose between an octagonal, a free-standing, a multilevel deck, or maybe even a pool deck design. You can choose between a warm classic look and a sleek modern appeal. Be as crafty as you can with your new deck because it is just as important as your kitchen or family room.

Say Goodbye to Deck Maintenance
Decks traditionally were built from wood, including redwood, cedar, and other durable wood materials. As wood prices increased, professional deck contractors sought more inexpensive materials from which to build custom decks. Pressure-treated wood arose on the scene and a whole class of affordable custom decks and outdoor products were built, including swing sets, fences, gazebos, arbors, railings, and more.

Rocky Mountain Exteriors is staying one step ahead of tradition and, as time went on, this professional deck contractor realized the high maintenance involved with using pressure-treated wood was not cost-effective.

Today’s Custom Deck Systems
The beauty behind having a custom deck system built by Rocky Mountain Exteriors is the maintenance free feature of your new outdoor living space. Gone are the days of annual deck maintenance necessary to keep your backyard from looking like an eyesore. These elegant, convenient decks are made from high-quality reclaimed hardwood fibers and pure plastic resins and offer lifetime warranties.

Thinking Out of the Box
Rocky Mountain Exteriors makes it a priority to design, create, and install the deck of your dreams. Working with many highly regarded suppliers, Rocky Mountain Exteriors can build a top quality deck from the material of your choice, including:

  • PVC Decks
  • Wood Decks
  • Composite Materials
  • And more